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Training is almost an art form and in order to train people and actually have everything sink in you must understand the people first. I'm an extrovert to say the least and I learn very differently than an introvert. I understand them though and can reach them. Never ever allow the class to not feel drawn in and bored. I would dare say have them committed and wanting to gain what you know. There are some classes that everyone needs to have an introductory to such as basic chemistry. Then with that as our foundation built on rock, we will add to this house of knowledge. I am a certified SME in instrumentation and a large amount of analyzers used for advanced process controls.
I want to know what specifics in training are needed and what specific analyzers are you working with? Then we can set a clear path to site specific training. Some of the normal classes are

Sample Systems......I do not try to make you do a whole day of calculations in BAR like one instructor I know, which is a complete waste of time. 

Basic Chromatography...Using a Daniels, ABB, Yokogawa or my favorite the Siemens Maxum II. But the theory of how a TCD, FID & FPD work will be the same. Columns separate and valves control where the components go. I like to teach students on their analyzer and even better if it is a problem child.

CEMS...... Why we do it, rules and regulations then on to what has to be measured and how it is done. Then get down to specific model analyzers and train on those. So many people make these analyzers that its a dog fight market. Thermo, ABB, Rosemount, Servomex, California Analytical and the list goes on.

HRVOC..... Although this a Texas Gulf Coast need. I foresee this expanding in the future. There is a serious need for knowing what is leaking into the cooling tower water and what is burning in the flare.

Basic Instrumentation..... This class is for operations to learn about what makes the instrumentation work and theory. Also this class will teach them some good habits versus beating on things with channel locks.