Students getting after it and making some stuff happen!!!!!!! 

What do these stand for?
EPA                                                                        C1H4                                                                      C2H4      TCEQ                                                                     C2H6                                                                      C3H6 CEMS                                                                    C3H8                                                                      NC4 HRVOC                                                                 IC4                                                                          SSO RATA                                                                     IC5                                                                          ARV H2S                                                                        C6                                                                           TCD SO2                                                                        C7                                                                           FID CO                                                                          C8 CO2                                                                        C9 NO                                                                         C10 NO2                                                                       O2
How many legs does carbon have?
​How many Valences?
What’s the first rule of fight club?
How many electrons in the first ring?
What’s the second rule of fight club?
How many electrons in the second ring?
Who is the smallest guy on the planet? Number 1 on the periodic table?  
Who is the second smallest? Number 2 on the periodic table?  
Who is happy Alkane or Alkene?  
At the beginning of the cycle on a GC we will turn on the SSO/ARV in order to __________________ to atmospheric pressure. How long will we do this before injecting the sample?  
In a Maxum II GC. What is the typical oven temperature?  
On the TCD that we use for the HRVOC, there are 4 beads. What is the job of bead #1, 2, 3, & 4?  
Why must we keep the sample hot?
What is a good temperature for the heat trace?

You guys actually made me super proud. Everybody getting in the drivers seat and getting that hands on experience.