HRVOC     Flare
First thing
We monitor all components coming out of the flare, so what should the total be ???? 

If your answer is 100% then you are correct. Now, what are the odds that the total will add up to exactly 100? If you answered one in a trillion or so then you sir are right.

To start this let us begin with the sample system. A flare can be clean most of the time and then horrific wet and dirty if there is an upset and the flare is venting off everything in the plant. I think everyone in my region has seen this first hand. The sky is lit up and you can see the flare for miles and miles. What is installed to keep fireballs from being thrown out of the top of the flare and landing on the ground?

      These guys are having a bad day!!!!!!
All through the plant is flare header piping and it ties together and sends everything to the flare. Before it makes it to the top though it will dump into a Knock Out Pot. This removes the liquids and helps keep fire balls from coming out the top. 
I wonder how they discovered this??? Think about it.​
We will insert a sample probe into the flare line. This will be insulated and heated. We do not ever want to have pluggage or the sample freeze. This also keeps our sample a nice hot vapor and moving. The sample will then go into a box that has filters to catch any solids and drop any moisture.