This is basically my most current. Although I am doing side work on new projects. Currently designed a new sample system for an EO project. 
                                  Mark O’Pry
               Analytical Systems Specialist
                  Advanced Process Controls​

4202 Lake Grove Drive Seabrook, TX.77586

A​.A.S. Degree in Instrumentation, Lee College, Baytown TX. 1994
Completed A.A.S Analyzer Training Levels I, II, and III. These classes include Chemistry, Process Analyzer Fundamentals, Sample Systems, Basic Chromatography, ABB Extrel Mass Spec, Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems and Advanced Chromatography. Mentored by Steve Smith.
Manufacturer certified for Prima Mass Spectrometers, Siemens Advanced Optichrom Operation and Maintenance/Chromatography Technology, Maxum Analyzer Network, Compur Monitox and Statox Monitors, Ametek Photometric UV Analyzers, Sola II Total Sulfur, ABB Magnos-Limas-Uras, Honeywell Cirrus Version 6, Thermo 42I and 48I, Triconex PLC, Rosemount Smart Transmitters, Nuclear gauge certified, Fisher Digital Valves, Yokogawa Analyzer Best Practices, Advanced Communications and Honeywell Systems Operations.

Training Administrator:
I have taught the ATOP analyzer program for Lee College. These classes include Physical Property Analyzers, Sample Systems, & Advanced Analyzers. Substitute taught analyzer classes at San Jacinto Central Campus and guest spoke for many other facilities including Alvin Community College and Brazosport Community College. Assigned to the Valero new hire training program as the SME to cover all instrumentation. Owner and operator of Administered training classes for advance process controls across the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands and Saudi Arabia.

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3-20 to present - Analyzer Specialist for RUS at Exxon R&D BTEC unit in Baytown, TX.
Performing routine maintenance along with break ins on multiple Maxum II G.C.’s monitoring nine different process units. Each unit is running new and experimental type resins. Thusly the analyzers must utilize multiple levels of calibration for precise measurement. There are liquid inject analyzers with some using the Siemens valve and others utilizing the Valco. Working directly with process engineers for new runs with focus on certain key reactions. Redesigning sample systems and implementing modifications. Dealing directly with lab partners for issues on melt index. A large amount of instrumentation work goes along with this position. Performing training on systems to other technicians while performing maintenance. Assisting with new construction analyzer going online including a Prima Mass Spec and Siemens Ultramat /Fidmat / Oxymat. Learning the software for Lab Agilent 8890. Starting up twelve of the newest Maxum II G.C. on an experimental unit. 7 Maxum II have pressure ramping ovens with hour long cycle time. Extremely complex sample systems bult to ensure that calibration gas is not returned to process. 
2-18 to 3-20 - Analyzer Specialist / Project Manager / Design Engineer / Recruiter for ATH, Deer Park, TX. My company works for multiple companies including RUS Industrial, Wingo Services, Smith Analytical & JDC. Involved in every aspect for ongoing projects and performing job walks for upcoming projects. Installing multiple types of analyzers along with performing the FAT. Support analyzer technicians at multiple sites with ongoing issues and helping resolve all. Perform training classes for upcoming analyzer technicians. Currently designing sample systems for difficult applications. Recruit new I, E, & A technicians and ensure that they are a perfect fit for the position. Complete small projects alone when the need arises. Assist with sales for the I, E & A division of JDC. Estimate the entire project and then perform a lunch and learn to explain exactly how the project was calculated along with how the analyzers will perform along with explaining maintenance required and my services for this part if needed.

3-14 to 2-18 – Analyzer Specialist for Chevron Phillips, Pasadena, TX. Overseeing all analyzer projects for the complex including upgrading each unit with Advance Maxum II analyzers in place of the current Advance Optichrom. This includes replacing the steam trace bundles to electric with temperature controllers and smart sample systems with smart sample probes. These systems require a NAU in order to talk to the new DCS Delta V. Upgrading total hydrocarbon analyzers for the catalyst activation unit, new Servomex LEL analyzers monitoring fluff, residual Cl controlling analyzers for each cooling tower and multiple small projects. Performing routine maintenance in three polyethylene units. Training CPCHEM technicians on Maxum II analyzers utilizing GCP while identifying and resolving analyzer and sample system issues. Initiating projects for new sample points for the C6 splitter and DeEthanizer columns to help operations advance process control. All HRVOC analyzers are Yokogawa and resolved all sample system and analyzer issues surrounding them plus a DAQ replacement project. Training technicians on basic chemistry, sample systems, rules, and regulations. Assisted in building two excel programs to assist in tracking calibration data to analyze future issues and a program to track downtime and all analyzers. Pasadena CPCHEM is currently breaking performance records.

11-11 to 4-14 Analyzer Technician for INEOS at INEOS, La Porte, TX. Performing routine maintenance on various advanced process control systems. Utilizing Advance Maxum II G.C.’s to control bimodal polyethylene plant. The other four polyethylene units are controlled with Advance Optichrom G.C.’s. The cooling water HRVOC’s are monitored with EZ G.C. Performing all audits and record keeping for the state. Polypropylene unit uses Advance Optichrom analyzer’s for control. Routinely replace columns and set up analyzers back to correct separation. Maintain the melt index analyzers on each unit. Since arriving we have overhauled the sample systems for every analyzer in the Polyethylene unit and reaching records on zero downtime.

06-10 to 11-11 Analyzer project manager for Cameron Process Analytics. Multitask many projects at once. Procure all needed parts and material, order needed gases, and run the field crew. Train company employees on analyzers, (G.C. mainly). Do FAT for analyzers leaving the shop and assist in correcting any issues. Do complete revamps on G.C.’s and startup at plant site while simultaneously training customers on the application. Assist other lead technicians at plants with Cameron employees and travel to numerous sites to assist technicians with extremely tough analyzer application issues. Run RATA and CGA’s at plants from Texas to Indiana. Compile all of the data and present to the clients for state records. Head of GC training for all new hire interns on Maxum II and Advance Optichrom.

01-06 to 06-10. Analyzer Technician for Valero at Valero, Houston, TX. Performing routine maintenance through out the plant on CEMS for three boilers, two SRU units, two heaters, fuel gas and a Belco Scrubber. Recording down time for each system as needed with a constant goal of zero. Brought online the Advance Maxum II HRVOC analyzers. Those analyzers then fell under my sole responsibility for all daily datalogging after completing the drift tests and perform routine audits. The five cooling towers use the Maxum II with FID and Siemens sparger system. The three flares have Maxum II and OSI flow meters. All data is transferred to three Siemens NAU in the rack room by fiber. CEMS analyzers use Thermo for the CO and NOx with the principal of I.R. and chemiluminescence. Servomex, Ametek, and Yokogawa are used for the O2 with paramagnetic and zirconium oxide. The online process analyzers include ABB Vista G.C. with TCD and FID, Advance Optichrom G.C. using TCD and FPD, Advance Maxum II with TCD. For the SRU we use Ametek 880 for air demand on the new units and the older model 900 on the older Sulfur unit. Critical water analysis for boiler feed water using HACH APA 6000 hardness analyzer, Orion and Waltron for sodium, HACH turbidity, and a Chemtrac Particle Analyzer. Multiple pH and conductivity manufacturers.

10-05 to 01-06. Analyzer Technician for TASC at Equistar, Channelview, TX. Maintaining analyzers for an MTBE unit, Alkylation, heavy carbons unit, and a wastewater treatment unit. Advanced Optichrom G.C.’s monitor most applications. Continually rebuilding model 11 valves, vaporizing regulators, and replacing columns in heavy’s area. Then resetting flows and gates and calibrating as needed. Using Advance Maxum II G.C.’s for HRVOC monitoring on the cooling towers and flares. Maintaining the wastewater treatment plant involves working on pH, D.O., turbidity, and T.O.C. The plant incorporates a Detronics and a Control Instruments gas detection system. Assisted in converting the old barge loading vapor system to one utilizing ABB Uras 14 to control the interlocks and burning of the barge overheads.

7-05 to 10-05. Analyzer Technician for Merit at Hovensa, St. Croix, USVI. Performing maintenance for the fourth largest refinery in the world, refining over 560,000 barrels of crude oil a day. All technicians work every area of the plant including a delayed coking unit, fluid cat cracker, acid plant, gas blending, sulfur plant, wastewater treatment, MTBE, cogeneration, and a viscosity breaker unit. Routinely work with the lab making standards to ensure that the analyzers remain quantitative and qualitative. CEMS on nine different boilers and turbine stacks with opacity on four. Maintained logs on each of these for the daily validation, along with quarterly certified gas audits. Some of the components measured were CO, NOX, O2, H2S, and SO2. Advance Optichrom gas chromatographs throughout the plant with six doing parallel chromatography, four with ramping ovens, and extensive programs in all. Maintain the vapor detection system throughout the plant along with Panametrics moisture, R.V.P., conductivity, total hydrocarbon, O2, and LEL.

9-04 to 7-05 – Analyzer Technician for Spectrum at Nova Chemical, Pasadena, TX. A Styrene producing plant. Routinely maintaining four Advanced Optichrom and two Combustion Engineering G.C.’s. All samples were liquid injection with a Mat valve. Detronics vapor detection system through out the plant. Three CEMS each measuring for NOX, CO, and O2 using ABB Limas 11 UV, Magnos 106 paramagnetic and Uras 14 I R. Monitoring O2 on eight burners and three boilers with Servomex, Teledyne, and Yokogawa analyzers. Assist the I & E technicians whenever needed for large projects or low manpower situations. The plant uses a Taylor ABB mod 300 DCS with a Triconex PLC for one unit and an Allen Bradley PLC for another.

7 – 03 to 9-04 – I & E Technician for ITI at Basel, Pasadena, TX. A polypropylene plastic plant with two loop reactors and three extruders. Performed routine maintenance and troubleshooting on all advanced process control systems while using ISO standard procedures. A large amount of the workload was spent troubleshooting 480 and 5 KV motor controls. Maintained eight Advanced Optichrom and six Combustion Engineering gas chromatographs. Use Process Book to help troubleshoot analyzers over time. The C.E.‘s used slider sample valves. Also maintained O2, LEL, and total hydrocarbon analyzers. Maintained a new I.R. Drager vapor detection system. Ohmart Vega nuclear level transmitters and density meters.

9-00 to 7-03 – Analyzer Technician for Rohm & Haas, Deer Park, TX. Maintained four units producing crude acrylic acid and a wastewater unit. Each unit had an incinerator with a Horiba CEMS. I maintained all government regulated documents for the C.G.A.’s. Specialized in gas chromatography for each unit monitoring the feed into the reactor and absorber column overhead for conversion percentage and catalyst life. Maintained two BA units with NIR analyzers and tight pH tolerances. The plant utilized a Control Instruments gas detection system. Designed multiple sample system changes and implemented them with MOC. Monitored two FGAA units with Ametek photometric analyzers. Assisted other units when necessary with ACH and HCN detectors and an ABB mass spectrometer on six converters.

1-95 to 9-00 – Instrument Technician for Rohm & Haas, Deer Park, TX. Maintenance throughout the entire plant on a vast amount of instrumentation and process control systems. The plant uses a Honeywell DCS and Triconex PLC except for the waste treatment plant, which uses Taylor recorders and controllers. Lead technician for numerous capital projects where I engineered, designed, drew and implemented all work. Use Process Book to assist in trouble shooting. Responsible for interlock procedures on units and maintaining all documentation for the as found and left control devices.

8-94 to 1-95 – Instrument Technician for Brown and Root at Geon, La Porte, TX. Assisting with a new construction project. Responsible for basic bench calibrations and selling of completed loops to Geon personnel. All Foxboro smart transmitters and Foxboro pneumatic local controls. Delegated workload to seven technicians along with attending daily meetings for scheduling to keep project ahead of completion date. I would trouble shoot the complicated loops from the trouble folder box.

1-94 to 7-94 – Instrument Technician for Becon at Rohm & Haas, Deer Park, TX. Responsible for bench calibrations, loop checks, and selling the loops back to the Honeywell DCS and Triconex PLC. Accepted and invitation to the start up team where I assisted engineers with water runs. Assisted in red lining the drawings and turning over to maintenance.

8-93 to 11-93 – Instrument Fitter for John Brown at Miles, Baytown, TX. Installing instrument air headers. Installing process and pneumatic control tubing. P & ID walk downs to mount stands and transmitters. Then ran the tubing for the control valves and transmitters.

4-93 to 8-93 – Instrument Technician helper for H.B. Zachry at Enterprise in Mont Belvieu, TX. Responsible for building loop folders prior to project beginning. Bench calibrations and checking in all instrumentation. Loop checks and the selling of loops back to the Honeywell DCS and Modicon 984 PLC.

Computer Skills:
Commonly use Word and Excel for building spread sheets on the data for the G.C.’s and CEMS. Also to perform the C.G.A.’s. Very experienced with SAP to buy out material from the warehouse, create requisitions, pull up the schedule for emergency jobs. Extremely fast typing skills along with a good base knowledge for data acquisition systems including Siemens NAU, Vivicom, and Odessa. Extremely computer savvy for illustrating problems by creating drawings using paint and trends from Aspen. Have been able to master each plants program for retrieving documents

                                                                                    Owner of Analyzer Techs INC. ​​​​​